Between the Grammys, New York Fashion Week and Balenciaga Purse Sale (the Berlin International Film Festival, naturally )we must have our pick of great bags to flaunt this week. Below are a few of our favorites from all over the tail-end of past week. Strangely, not many of our PB regulars were out and around, so we've got plenty of excited new faces our virtual pages, in addition to a couple more recognizable but seldom-seen celebs who just make appearances throughout NYFW. (Or if their MTV money cow gets rebooted.)
Here is Florence Welch (of both Florence as well as The Machine), carrying out a real python Gucci Broadway Envelope Clutch at the London area of Mayfair.
We're pleased to present bag of Luxury's exclusive luggage accessory selection, The Muses. These custom made, hand finished interlocking pieces would be the ideal way to accessorise your own Birkin or Kelly bag and add a little character and glamour.
Each design is crafted by artisans utilizing magnificent valuable metals, with a few being adorned with beautiful gem stones to bring an additional dimension of opulence and luxury.
Here we present the individual bits that causes this bespoke selection so unique.... .
Tavros is ideal to bring some intrigue and traditional elegance to your favorite Hermes bag.
A superbly crafted Balenciaga Purse for sale bull's head with a superbly intricate tattoo pattern that covers the whole piece. This bespoke piece can be found in gold silver and plate. But if you're searching for something a little more specific, we can also add stone stones of your choice.
Among the more unusual areas of the group, Kroko is that the form of a crocodile skull and comes with a moveable jaw. The Kroko comes in four distinct styles; elect for silver plated or silver to get a more classic look, rather, decorate your tote with the silver variant for an edgier look. If you're searching for much more glam go to your greatest rock chick vibe together with our golden plate Kroko encrusted with precious heavy rouge rubies or other stone stones of your choice.
The centaur is possibly among the most demure yet tasteful of the hand crafted accessories, constituting a slick horses mind. This bit comes in gold silver or plate to keep up a subtle sign of luxury. Alternately, if you're searching for something a bit different you can purchase a bespoke bit with stone stones.
The ram's skull is a complex and striking piece that comes from the gold plate or silver but may be arranged at a precious metal with stone stones to create more of a statement.
The Balenciaga Purse outlet is your human skull that could ether come in gold plate or silver but can be arranged with gem stones from the eyes which range from emeralds (for achievement in love), to blue sapphires (for intellect ) and amethysts (for defense ).
This gorgeous gold string will add a special element to any tote and easily attaches to a Birkin to boost its own luxuriousness. The series has three little skulls hanging out of it and exudes course whilst also incorporating a rebellious series for your own style.
If you would like to produce your own Birkin more private or give a loved one the best bespoke present, have a peek at the entire assortment of Muses here; costs start from #985.