We have been awash in a sea of black and white purses, but this week we've got a (relative ) rainbow of designer fashions. Occasions and premieres brought out daring colours, unexpected shapes along with the teensiest of all minis. (Balenciaga Triangle Bag Sale alone accounts for bringing together a goodly part of celebs pictured.) Kick off your Monday right with a few superior bag ogling.
Australian version Duckie Thot completed this adorable Louis Vuitton Mini Chain Pochette into the launching party for its Escada x Rita Ora collab at NYC.
UK version Leomie Anderson attended the exact same launching party wearing a virtually identical outfit (pink pantsuits should have been demanded ), but she attracted a glowing blue Balenciaga Triangle Bag outlet.
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She's glamorous but most importantly, she's smart. She's bought the Balenciaga Triangle Bag cheap of her fantasies, the tote that sets her apart in the audience that also never loses its worth and only ever raises in value.